Monday, 30 April 2012

Dawn of the Dead; Title Sequence

The thing that I love about the updated version of Romero's Dawn of the Dead is that the title sequence change form a part metaphor for American Coloniesim into touching upon the idea of a Holy War Omen to the apocalyspe. It also exsposes the consequences for the medias incollence when they begin asking the tough questions after the feeding has already begun and the consequences for this is that they are shot down. The appearence of war-torn footage with real blood designed by Kyle Cooper shows that Jonny Cash has uped the ante with this newfound contex.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Performing Art Industry

The Performing Arts Industry

This industry seems to be a beacon for media and it is easy to see why. Theatres, art centres, design services, dance schools, set construction companies, lighting equipment companies, and stage schools are the “products”.  Venues offer a huge array of “products” that attract the audiences and the talent.  Here are some of the “products”: theatres, concert halls, cinemas, rock music venues, art centres, community-based venues i.e. schools or town squares, entertainment venues like cruise ships, clubs, or comedy night. The media will always be around the industry’s venues, looking for talent to show to the world or to make news.

Monday, 23 April 2012

My Connections


As I have said in previous post, it’s not what you know sometimes, it’s who you know. My music teacher is a Garage Band expert, a drummer, and a guitarist. I have asked him to give me some training on how to use Garage Band and I have asked him if I can include my group. He is happy to help us and in return, I have to do a music presentation on a project I have just completed

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Audience Research

Audience Research: Rough Cut

We have put together the rough cut of our opening sequence. The reason for doing a rough cut is that we can put together an inventory of changes to our project. We can find out what is go about the opening sequence; we can find out what could have been better; what need to changed; what needs to be better; what need to be tweaked. Constructive criticism is what we look for at Streamline Productions and if we receive negative criticism, we find a way to make it better and get rid of that problem.

From this, we can find out what target audience our film our film attracts and then take the correct course of action to get the target audience we want. I enjoy interacting with members of the public and finding out what make them smile and what make them frown. It gives me some experience for the future of my career in filming and ideas that will make projects that my group and I work on is remembered.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Hardway

 Finding Participants for Audience Research

Saying “we’ll just go out and ask some people to go and get their responses on camera”. Many people in this world oppose strongly to being on camera due to media scandals or they feel self conscious. This has been a problem on my part because I have tried to go around in my area and town to film responses of people but many have said no, some rudely. So, to overcome this, I will go around my college and try to film responses from students, friends, and teachers as this will be easier than going out.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Our Soundtracks


The title slides may have been difficult but, they were a walk in the park in comparison to making a soundtrack. The soundtracks are complicate and stressful so we have each taken out an Apple Mac and we will be using Garage Band to try and put some music together for our opening sequence.