Saturday, 21 April 2012

Audience Research

Audience Research: Rough Cut

We have put together the rough cut of our opening sequence. The reason for doing a rough cut is that we can put together an inventory of changes to our project. We can find out what is go about the opening sequence; we can find out what could have been better; what need to changed; what needs to be better; what need to be tweaked. Constructive criticism is what we look for at Streamline Productions and if we receive negative criticism, we find a way to make it better and get rid of that problem.

From this, we can find out what target audience our film our film attracts and then take the correct course of action to get the target audience we want. I enjoy interacting with members of the public and finding out what make them smile and what make them frown. It gives me some experience for the future of my career in filming and ideas that will make projects that my group and I work on is remembered.

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