Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Bone Collector (Martin Bregman, 1999)

In this film there are a lo of flashes and dark lighting for atmosphere. There are fast-flashy camera movements and a point-of-view shot of a police man while he focuses on the crime scene. This sets the genre of the film for the audience.

The framing is tightly framed so that all emotions can be seen. When filming scenes with the police man, i noticed that shallow focus was used. It is used to focus on the police man or the main character and give him/her a air of power and importance.

The performance was very good because the audience sees the police men investigate the death of a man in tunnel The body is 300 yards in a collapsed tunnel.

There is slow and fast focuses on pics and the words associated with crime and death. Slow motion slows down as the man gets closer to  the body.

Sound is brilliant. Eerie music is used, a heart monitor can be heard beating rapidly, they can hear the police sirens man hypeventating as he wakes up in the hospital. The audience hears the loud, deafening crash of the metal structure as it come crashing down on the police man.

At this point the editing really come alive because as the metal structure come crashing down on D.Washington, we see hi look at the face of the corpse and he see his own face.

The mise-en-scene consist of montage of crime books, layer books, papers on crime, news paper clipping of murders and crimes, and they see dead people.

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