Sunday, 6 November 2011

Here is the dialogue for our script:

Dialogue For THE DROP:

Excuse me mate! Oi it’s rude to drop things onto at people from bridges. I know you saw me! (He shouts but, Smith keeps on running with purser in tow) And he’s running of with his friend! (Looks at his friends in confusion and shakes head) Ain't he gotta a cheek?

(Laughing with Vince) Just like the old man uses to say, it ain't the same old crap n just a different day, it’s some it’s the same old system with crazy idiots running it and Muppet's like them have the power to run riot.


Here we go, now we have to put up with you and you granddads quote again! (Rolls his eyes in mock annoyance, then, look serious) What we gonna do with that coz it’s not every day you see THAT


True talk fam, (Antony looks at each boy in a thoughtful way) but they weren’t chasing each other you idiot (he gives Samuel with a rude look and Samuel gives him the finger) that geezer in the suit was running like Usain Bolt on speed. (Vince laughs)And we need to move form here and keep it steeping coz that briefcase looks serious enough to bring some copper with it.


What a minute I wanna know what’s in the case first!  Could be some money documents, we might get rich(Vince snatches the case out of Samuel’s hand. Samuel gets angry and Antony starts shouting in a frightened tone)

I swear to god if I don’t get that back in my hands, I'm going to show my  bad side. Give it here now! (As he walks over to Vince, Vince backs away and Antony starts to shout again, this time at Vince)

Piss of! The only bad side you can have is that dodgy hairstyle!
(Samuel starts moving closer to Vince when Antony steps in-between the two boys)


Both of you stop. (Boys stop and look at him)You have to spoil a good time as usual! Cant resist it can you. (He says to Vince in a disgusted tone) Just stop and-(Vince opens the case)

Antony, Samuel, and Vince look into the case

All at once

Holy crap!!!

Camera zooms in and we get a close up shot of the boys shocked and scared faces.

Fade out to credits

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