Saturday, 10 December 2011


At BFI we leant about Reel Films and the key features or components that all films must have to be successful, regardless of the budget or of the film is a blockbuster or an AS Media Studies Course work. The chief of Media gave most of the presentation and I found it interesting and very benefiting because it showed the group and I where we had been going wrong, what we need to improve on, tips on how to improve, and things that we have not thought about and what we don’t know already.

The key features anyone must be understand, be aware of, and be able to demonstrate and be able incorporate into what ever type of film that they are doing are:

Genre- Type of film i.e. Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror etc.

Narrative-What is the film about i.e. is it about a teenager who has to look after his four young sibling’s while his parents have abounded them?

Character-Which is being played, what are they like, what is their significance in the film, what part they are playing.

Atmosphere-What is the mood of the film? How does it make the audience feel and what effect does it have on the audience? What effect is it meant to have on the audience?

Setting-Where is the film set? What is the time period? Why is a specific location being used as the foundation for a film?

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