Saturday, 10 December 2011

BFI Trip

The chief explained that we cannot just jump into what we are doing because if we do, our work will be terrible. He gave us the perfect site that has film openings, analysis of filming, editing, shooting, how to research and plan a film, comments on all areas of making films from directors and producers. YouTube is another good site to use but, he warned us to be careful on how deep we go with YouTube because a lot of the film openings stray away from our coursework. If you would like to view this site, I have put down their web addresses: then go onto sequences or, you can go onto YouTube: or just YouTube and type in ‘opening sequences’

Because we have just started our courses and we have not got a lot of experience, the chief showed us a few opening sequences of a few films and explained the different strategy‘s that we can use when making a film opening and that we should try and look outside of the box and regardless of how silly or difficult an idea may seem at the time, we must still keep it and work on it, we should think of different ideas and add to them.

The first film we watched was Catch Me If You Can which stars the infamous Tom Hanks. I noticed that the sound was fast paced and jazzy, it had a tempo that rose and fell quickly, and I had only discovered all of this within the first 10 seconds of the film. The music was very mysterious, tense, angry, sad, happy, scary, and so hard hitting that it was baffling. We can here the saxophone which is a smooth instrument but, I love how it has been changed into an almost violent creature that plays psychological mind tricks with its rapid change of tempo, notes, and chords.

The animated picture pictures are very fast past with a rich with an array of colourful, confusing, mysterious, tantalizing, and hopeful colours that the atmosphere throughout the audience was tense and in upheaval. This is very effective and took around 5-6 months to make.

The graphical effects on the motion pictures of a range of people partying, in meetings, flying, some seemed to by spying, birds, and sunbathing, glamorous people in suits and dresses drinking, in conversation, working, and so many other things was absolutely astonishing. It was confusing but, not to confusing were I could not make out what was happening, it was interesting because I have not seen many films that have managed to do such a complicated and tiring, both physically and emotionally, edit with so many components and features in the space of 3 minutes and pull it of so well. It looks so easy and effortless and captures the audience. What made it work so well is that the timeframe of an opening scene should only be about 3-5 minuets long and they graphical designer have managed to fade in so many different shots which are ram packed with lots of action and detail.

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