Tuesday, 24 January 2012

BFI: Part 5

The first film we watched was Catch Me If You Can which stars the infamous Tom Hanks. I noticed that the sound was fast paced and jazzy, it had a tempo that rose and fell quickly, and I had only discovered all of this within the first 10 seconds of the film. The music was very mysterious, tense, angry, sad, happy, scary, and so hard hitting that it was baffling. We can here the saxophone which is a smooth instrument but, I love how it has been changed into an almost violent creature that plays psychological mind tricks with its rapid change of tempo, notes, and chords.

The animated picture pictures are very fast past with a rich with an array of colourful, confusing, mysterious, tantalizing, and hopeful colours that the atmosphere throughout the audience was tense and in upheaval. This is very effective and took around 5-6 months to make.

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