Monday, 16 January 2012

Hellboy opening

In the opening sequence of Hellboy, 2002, i have noticed that the amazing range of graphics is astounding. The black and white colour of the scene mixed with the flashing and fast images gives a sense of a hard life. Also the flash, fast cutting images of aliens and different types of life forms give a sense of pandemonium because humans, aliens, and other life forms a thrown, almost viciously, in the opening scene.

The medium shot of Hellboy is used to emphasise what he is; a demon.The medium shot also shows the anger and fight in his face and eyes. The medium close up of Hellboy change into a focus pull. This is used to emphasise his physic, power, dominance, and the fear that radiates of him. The focus pull is used emphasise the carnage that Hellboy is at the centre of in the background; raging fires and a gun smoking.

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