Monday, 16 January 2012

Use of high and low angle shots in "Scrubs"

High angle shots are used to give a sense of weakness. If a boss is telling an employee of in a film, a high angle shot will be used to show the boss looking down on the subjects. The subject will be looking at the boss but, not head on. The subject will be looking at the boss from a low angle shot to give the boss an atmosphere of dominance and power.

In many high and low angle shots, a point-of-view shot is often used on, for example, the boss looking down at the employee or the employee looking up at the boss. This lets the audience see how the subject, boss or employee, is feeling and show how the other person dominates the subjects.

An eye line match is used so that eye contact through the subjects can be seen and the audience can see the emotions of both subjects. Medium-long shots, medium shots, and medium-close up shot are commonly used in high and low and low angle shots to represent the subjects that are being filmed. Representation consist of regional identity, age, ethnicity, and social status.

The things that i have mentioned above can be clearly seen in hit U.S cit com, Scrubs.

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