Monday, 12 March 2012

Continuity Editing: Part Two

A match on action shot is where the camera cuts from once scene to another and back again. This is mainly used in action scenes and films because it allows the audience to be into place at once, seeing the action unravel from both sides.
In Primeval, there is an action sequence where the Sabre Tooth Tiger is trying to kill the man. The blond woman, in a digger, try’s to attack the Sabre with the swinging arm of the digger. However, the counter-attack does nothing except put her in danger and the man sees this. He gets the Sabres attention and leads him away from her but, he forgets that he will be in more danger that her. As he runs into an open clearing, we have a range of close-ups, long shots, low and high angle shots and cuts of him being chased by the tiger. This is where the match on action shot comes in because when his death seem inevitable, we have a cut to the blond woman running with a gun and then it cuts back to the man again. These cuts will continue until the climax of the scene because they lead the audience to think that something else is happening when something totally different is taking place.

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