Friday, 16 March 2012

We are the Producers

The way that media has change has lead to the naudience, us, being the producer. We have bnloggs, podcats, radio stations, smartphones, you tube, facebook, and many other services allow us to get our opinions know. If we have a problem, we can get it disccused, debated, and talked about by clicking a few buttons. We are "The Concept formally known as the audience" and we are the media because we are more engaged with the media.

The projects that i have done throught this course ahve been so easy compared to the old days. If you wanted to film you had a massive camera with a video casset and you had to film each part seperatley. If you got that part or scene wrong, you had to start the whole thing over agin. Plus, the quality was terrible. Now we have smartphones, smat cameras, and all different types of tech in HD/D allows us to film thing in one go and upload it to say an IMac and make a film in a day.

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