Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Continuiy Editing: Part Four

We have recently gone through the diverse types if continuity editing and what it is used for. Just to reinstate, continuity editing is a technique that aims to generate a consistent picturesque space through the techniques of eye line match, point-of-view shot, and match on action, directional continuity, and axis of action line. This links with a montage, continuity editing is, in a basic sence, chronological cuttung. Since it does not try to assemble a logical charming space, it does however attempt to generate reprsentative meaning. This is mainly attained by contrasting multiple shots together but, does no consider the cohrent space.

In the opening sequence of Hannible, a montage is used to bring crows, a busy city, and an eriey feeling togetehr. The crows are then arragned to make Hannible's face, they are seen in a range of flashing images, montages, on rooftops and buildings, giving the sense that they are watching all the humans below. There are montages of CCTVcameras, dirty roads, and traffic lights as well as people, making the audience feel tense, worried, and suspious of the surroundings the opening sequence is set in.

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